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From Sergio Boso <>
Subject Fwd: Re: HW requirements for a large-scale test performance
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 22:24:00 GMT

Il 06/11/2013 17.31, Adolfo Luis Camberos ha scritto:
> Hello,
>            I 'm going to do a performance test against an Oracle ESB, and I need to evaluate
 HW requirements for injectors.
> The statistics estimates 12.000.000 request / hour for the test (a big one!!).
> I'm going to use only Web Service (SOAP) requests
> I'm thinking to run 3 non-gui JMeter instances per injector for optimize use of them.
> I 'd like to do an exploration test to get the throughput limit for only one injector,
which let me calculate number of injectors required, but I ┬┤haven't possibility to do that,
and I need to do the order today.
> Then, I need a rule of thumb about that.
> Could you please advice me how to calculate CPU, RAM and quantity of injectors?
> Thanks in advance
> Adolfo Camberos

I think it is a really tough question to answer.
There are many consideration to do about the application you are testing and the script you
are going to write.
let's start with some point about the application.

If you measure (under normal conditions) a round trip of 100 ms for each injection, then a
single thread is able to perform 10 ops /s.
In these conditions, I would not risk to go over 100/200 threads per system, and I'm probably
I use to have many more active threads, but each of them was simulating an interaction at
human speed.

So, if we choose 100 threads/system, this returns 1000 ops/s. 12 millions ops /hour gives
3333 ops/s which is between 3 and 4 systems.
You have to adapt these hypothetical number to your situation.

Garbage collection is single threaded and it will be quite an issue in these conditions, so
try to have few high speed processor, 
instead of many multiple-core slow clock procs.
Gigabit Ethernet is a must here.
Try to have 2 network on each system , one for traffic generation and one for data reporting
to the master system.
The master should be a fifth system, IMHO, where CPU is not an issue, but network is.

About Java configuration, look for precious suggestions from UBIK in the other mail.
Also try to do as few assertions as possible, and you will have to optimize regular expression.

I found that AWS is very useful in these conditions, as it allows to quick reconfigure, add/change
the systems, at a very low cost.




Ing. Sergio Boso

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