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From Kirk Pepperdine <>
Subject Re: Coordinated Omission - detection and reporting ONLY
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 06:09:22 GMT
Hi Sebb,

>> I think I suggested a separate detector. Could it not be a listener instead?
> Yes, a listener would have access to all the sample results.
> The reason I suggested the CTT is that the element "knows" the
> expected transaction rate, so can detect late samples easily and
> cheaply.
> Other code will either have to be provided with the expected rate or
> have to analyse the data to deduce the information.
> Analysis which may be expensive. [However if the detection is only
> done in GUI mode that would not be an issue.]

Sure, but if one doesn't use the CTT.... And there are other sources of jitter that can can
cause difficulties with measures that may not be picked up by CTT. CTT focuses on trigger
rates. I think we need to focus on retirement rates.


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