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From Sergio Boso <>
Subject Re: Comparing results from two samplers in JMeter
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2013 09:06:30 GMT
Non knowing much about your application, and its complexity,
I would extract the value from the first sample (using regular expression),
and the use it on the second sampler (you can use regex also inside assertions, if needed)
using response assertion.

Your solution is more complicate, it may be useful when regex are not suitable.


Il 02/10/2013 10.11, Nicola Ambrosetti Brolin ha scritto:
> I have several samplers in a thread group, each retrieving a piece of
> information. I then need to validate the consistency of the results from
> two (or more) different samplers. In particular I need to assert whether a
> field in one sampler response equals a field in the JDBC response. What is
> the best way to do something like that?
> I have thought about adding a beanshell postprocessor to each sampler in
> order to extract the field value from each sample and save it in two
> variables and then adding a beanshell assertion that accesses those
> variables, but I wonder if there is a more direct approach.
> In the JMeter API documentation I could not see anything to access another
> sampler response other than the previous one.
> Any thoughts?
> Nicola


Ing. Sergio Boso

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