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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Enhancement request for registering remote servers
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2013 10:06:03 GMT
On 2 August 2013 10:55, Robert Oschwald <> wrote:
>>> Registering remote servers by property file is very static.
>> Can also do it on the client command-line by defining the appropriate property.
> The idea is, to create the test plan, select the servers to run the test on and store
that within the test plan.

It should be fairly easy to enhance JMeter to define the servers
manually within the test plan.
Perhaps an extra field on the Test Plan GUI.

However I'm not so sure about the idea of selecting the servers using
some kind of dynamic lookup.

Seems like a lot of work for a minor advantage.
And if the settings are stored in the plan, there is no guarantee that
the same servers will be available next time the plan is run.

> This way, it would also run on the commandline (and ant).
> Advantage would be, to have a cluster of servers on a per-plan base

That only requires the plan to include the server list; does not
require dynamic lookup.

> and to ease server registration.

Not sure what that means.

>> Also remember that the same test plan is sent to each remote server,
>> so changing the number of servers will affect the load that is
>> generated.
> exactly. This means, if you register a new server in the property file (e.g. you need
it in another test plan), it currently affects all existing plans, except if you dynamically
register via commandline parameter, right?

Yes, but these properties only affect client-server tests, they don't
affect client-only tests.

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