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From Riccardo Cohen <>
Subject exclude external site
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 15:22:48 GMT
I use jmeter 2.9 on macosx 10.8 java 1.60_51 and try to record my 
request with the HTTP proxy server.

I can save all requests of the browser, fine.

But my web site uses google maps, and the proxy server records also the 
google maps request that I don't want to test. By the way when I run the 
test with these requests, jmeter stops at 54 request instead of 200 
saved, the 54th is a google map one of course...

My site is at . I tried to add :


in the Url Patterns to include (I'm not expert in regexp but it seems to 
be clean). But it does not work properly : the browser fails to retreive 
some request and the application does not work, more over external 
request are still saved.

I tried to use a "If Controller", but found nowhere the documentation to 
understand what I can put in the condition... (if someone can tell me 
this I'd be glad because I don't understand at all what variables I can 
put in the condition)

All I want is to exclude non-local requests from the recording, to test 
only my server and not google one.

Thanks for any help.

Riccardo Cohen
+33 (0)6 09 83 64 49
16 rue de Belle Isle
37100 Tours


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