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From guru <>
Subject Re: Loop Count vs Number of Threads
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2013 23:03:04 GMT
I have question regarding loop.. and wondering if anyone could help me out.

Thread group: 250
ramp up: 450
loop: 1

I get no error.

Thread group: 250
ramp up:450

I get error

Thread group: 250
ramp up: 450

I get error

Thread group: 10
ramp up: 1
loop: 1

No error

Thread group: 10
ramp up: 1
loop: 5

I get error

I am testing SSO login, and our application do not allow user to login in
twice. user has to logout.

In my test i have a request for login and logout..

I am reading 250 different users from a file.

But when I have loop, these users are repeated.

My question is when I have loop count = 2 or 3. Do all the loop get started
same time or does 2nd loop starts only after the first loop has completed.

I have a feeling this error has to do with loop since i am not getting error
in loop count 1. But I do not understand why it is giving me error when loop
count is 2 or more. When I have logout request and as well as clear cookies
each iteration.

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