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From sebb <>
Subject Re: mismatch in response time between jmeter and fiddler
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2013 13:53:23 GMT
On 15 July 2013 08:00, Thirukumaran Kubendran <> wrote:
> Hi
> I am running a very simple load test where I have one http sample request
> to my home page. I am running on windows 8 64bit 8GB ram with Core i7 4Core
> processor.
> to check the validity of response time i am running jmeter with fiddler
> turned on. i ran the load test with 500 threads.
> the results shown by jmeter is much higher than what is shown in fiddler.
> I feel jmeter is not showing the correct result. While the actual page
> response time is 1 to 2 sec, in the jmeter report it is showing 3 to 5 sec.
> Even if i do not have fiddler turned on i still get high response times in
> jmeter.
> the CPU and memory utilization was low during the test.
> is jmeter not able to computer for higher number of threads and results are
> getting skewed?

Depends on the test plan/network connection - all sorts of things.

JMeter can successfully drive hundreds of threads provided that the
test plan does not have any expensive elements.

What happens if you compare a single JMeter thread with Fiddler?

As you increase the number of threads, eventually the elapsed times
will start to increase.
But that could be due to
- server overload
- network overload
- OS resource overload (CPU, memory, filehandles etc)

> jmeter version 2.9
> thanks

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