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From Kaelen Proctor <>
Subject Is it possible to force JMeter to use a new SSL session ID for every HTTPS request?
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2013 02:49:02 GMT

I am trying to benchmark SSL handshakes per second with JMeter and I am trying to see the
performance difference between HTTPS requests with and without SSL session reuse. However
I seem to be running into the wall with JMeter as I cannot determine how to have every HTTPS
request use a brand new SSL session id. As I've come to understand from Googling on this topic,
Java by default has an unlimited SSL session cache in which entries expire after 24 hours.

I've tried using the JMeter properties "https.use.cached.ssl.context" and "https.sessioncontext.shared",
but even together they don't cause new SSL session ids to be used for each request. From playing
around, at best if I have 10 threads making 5 HTTPS requests, the first 10 requests will have
new SSL session ids, but the remaining 40 will reuse SSL sessions. I've verified this behaviour
with both ssldump (seeing the resumed SSL session ids) and in my STunnel logs (when STunnel
logs a previous session is reused).

Even setting the Java property "" to 1 does not seem to work,
I'm guessing it must get applied per thread.

So I was wondering if it possible through JMeter (or Java) to have every HTTPS request use
a new SSL session id?

Kaelen Proctor

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