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From Gavin Maselino <>
Subject Re: Extracting Cookie created via Javascript
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 19:51:09 GMT
Hi guys

Thanks for the response. 
I've already got the Cookie Manager at the thread group level. But I'll explore the set-cookie
response. Failing that I've seen some posts about setting your own cookie using BeanShell
which I can try. 


On 3 Apr 2013, at 18:05, "Mark Miller" <> wrote:

> It sounds like you are focused on the request headers. I expect to
> find a set-cookie
> *response *header resulting from on one of the HTTP requests and use a post
> processor regex extractor to pull it from the headers off that sampler.
> But I have no direct experience with SalesForce.
> (Also echoing Flavio's direction with the Cookie Manager test element).
> Mark
> On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 10:44 AM, Flavio Cysne <> wrote:
>> Did you add an HTTP Cookies Manager to your JMeter script? You'll need it
>> to let JMeter control cookies.
>> 2013/4/3 Gavin Maselino <>
>>> Hi
>>> So I recorded a login action on a SalesForce-built app (Apex, JS etc).
>> One
>>> of the HTTP requests recorded (a security .jsp page) was a GET request
>> that
>>> had the cookie parameters.
>>> On Firebug, in the 'Net' tab under 'Headers' I can see the cookie data in
>>> the Request Headers section (cookie data is in the login form HTML page).
>>> For the identical page/request in JMeter I have looked at the Request Tab
>>> that I would expect the cookie data to be displayed in and it just reads
>>> '[No cookies]'.
>>> So to conclude, JMeter has found the cookie data (and recorded it in the
>>> GET request) yet that cookie data cannot be found in the Request tab or
>> the
>>> Response data tab in any previous request in  JMeter. All requests have
>>> 'Follow Redirects' checked  and 'Redirect Automatically' unchecked. I
>> have
>>> tried every option of the Cookie Policy as well.
>>> So, how do I find the cookie data so I can extract this?
>>> Thanks in advance.

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