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From "Stott, Charlie" <>
Subject when is a sample not a sample?
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2013 06:25:10 GMT

I am wondering if and how it is possible to exclude the results of a specific sample (or at
least disregard it) from the results.

We have a dual stripe system which can be tested in online or offline mode.  To automate the
decision we can request a status page, and act on the results.  Not all our test systems have
dual stripes, so the request fails.  However, this is a valid situation.

I always want to lookup the status page, but only if it exists and only if it responds a certain
way do I want it to affect the test run.

I am finding the situation where it is not available is being recorded as a test failure.

Effectively, I want to perform the request as a pre-processor of another sample, but it seems
overkill to write it in java/beanshell/someotherlang code.  Is there anything like a HTTP
Request pre-processor, or a flag I can set somewhere that says ignore this sample on error?

Thanks in advance,

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