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From JPeter <>
Subject Problem with Sample Times?
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2013 15:31:44 GMT

im testing an oracle application on my server. Via LAN.
The application has some reports of tables.(HTTP Sites with a table)

1. More data in a table = Higher Sample Time...right? 
2. Sample Time = Response Time? 
3. For example in an /View Results in Table/ Listener, its/ Sample Time/. 
    What are the results in an /Aggregate Graph/(Min,Max, etc.)? 
4. Now my real problem(besides my English(Im sorry)) :

I requested an http site of my application with a big table (900k "data set
entrys?") on it.
No matter how many threads i start,
i get some Sample Times above 20-30 Seconds (30000 ms) and sometimes even my
server "crashes" and is not available for about 1-2 minutes from then...
(I was pretty happy about that because i thought that its just too much for
my server etc and i have the result i wanted...nearly)
An hour later the same Request has Sample Times about 40ms and everything
works perfect.(!!!!)
I tried it a lot of times and i dont have any idea.
Empty Sites always have about 40ms. A site with a smaller table has
sometimes about 300ms (in all following testruns too ) and an hour later it
has also 40ms...
im really sorry my questions might be a bit confusing but I AM even more
I dont even know if its a problem with my JMeter or with my Server/Oracle.
Maybe someone had the same issues...

Thanks a lot

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