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From Jakob van Bethlehem <>
Subject What is the preferred method to assert multiple headers?
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 15:33:24 GMT
Dear users,

Currently I'm working on building some header assertions (using Response Assertion) on HTTP
Requests. There is a set of 6 headers that our application must send, which I'd like to add
to the Response Assertion, and I was wondering what is the preferred method to achieve this
in JMeter:
(1) create a single, huge pattern that has all headers (this can be done, because all 6 headers
will come out in a given order), or
(2) create a separate pattern for each header

I don't know for sure whether the order in which headers are received could ever be mixed
up (maybe when the server is stressed?). If that is the case, I guess method (2) would be
preferable. If that is not the case, method (1) would result in a single test to run, which
may be faster than method (2), although it is a huge test. I'm lacking experience here - hopefully
someone can give some pointers.

Jakob van Bethlehem
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