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From Jono <>
Subject Re: csv logging even in gui mode
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2013 14:35:03 GMT
Jono <jonomacd <at>> writes:

> I typically run Jmeter in non-GUI mode with no listeners.  I 
> parse the CSV log file that is spat out in real time to graphite.  
> Basically, I tail the CSV file Jmeter generates as it is running.  
> I know this is a bit crufty but it has worked for me thus far.  
> Occasionally, I run Jmeter in GUI mode so I can more directly 
> monitor the tests as well as quickly alter them as needed.  I'd 
> like for these test results to be piped to graphite as well but I 
> cannot get Jmeter to produce a CSV log file of the same 
> format while in GUI mode.  
> Is there a way to produce this log file while in GUI mode?
> Alternatively, can I get my results into graphite somehow 
> else? Note that I don't want to dive into creating Jmeter 
> plugins.  

Okay, So I have use a simple data writer to mimik what I
do in non-GUI mode.  I can get Jmeter to spit out the csv
logs that I require.  

What happens when I run this in non-gui mode?  Will I get 
two logs? One from my command line configuration and one
from this listener.  I guess only thing to do is try...

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