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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Setting elapsed and latency times
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2013 18:47:02 GMT
On 31 January 2013 17:30, Marcelo Jara <> wrote:
> I am trying something out. Let me know if it makes sense.
> I wrote a groovy script that will get certain values from a server via JMX. For example,
I am getting heap used, thread count, class count, and CPU. I am currently writing this data
to a file and can process it at the end of the test.
> However, I was thinking it may be worthwhile trying to create a sample called "CPU" and
have it's elapsed/latency time set to the CPU value. This way, CPU is treated like any other
sampler and we can see CPU over time.
> What I have so far is a JSR223 Sampler with the groovy script. I then have a BeanShell
PostProcessor. In the BeanShell script, I can set the label and latency using:
> prev.setSampleLabel("CPU");prev.setLatency(19);  //the value is hardcoded for now
> This works, but now I am trying to set the elapsed time as well. I tried prev.setStampAndTime,
but that is not working.
> ts = System.currentTimeMillis();prev.setStampAndTime(ts,19);
> Problem in BeanShell script org.apache.jorphan.util.JMeterException: Error invoking bsh
method: eval    Sourced file: inline evaluation of: ``prev.setSampleLabel("CPU"); ts = System.currentTimeMillis();
prev.setStampAndTim . . . '' : Method Invocation prev.setStampAndTime

The elapsed time is special: it's set using sampleStart() sampleEnd().

There are various checks to make sure that the times don't get
accidentally updated.

Sorry, but It's not possible to set a specific elapsed time from a sampler.

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