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From Jørgen Austvik <>
Subject CSV Data Set Config not expanded in JUnit Constructors
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 09:11:53 GMT

I have problems getting CSV Data into my JUnit constructors. Other
JMeter variables work OK.

My test plan look like this:
Test Plan
|- Thread Group
   |- CSV Data Set Config
   |- Debug Sampler
   |- JUnit Request

(One thread group containing a CSV Data Set Config, A Debug Sampler
and a JUnit request.)

The Debug Sample logs only JMeter variables.

The JUnit request is simple:

    public JUnitTest(String initializerString) {
        System.out.println("Constructed using: '" + initializerString + "'");

    public void scenarioViewCustomerTest() {}

The Constructor String Label for the JUnit 4 test has a string like this:


The Debug Sampler shows that BANKID and SSN are read correctly from my CSV file:
  (among other variables)

When I run the test, I get START.MS substituted, but *not* the
variables from my CSV file:

  Constructed using: '${BANKID},${SSN},1358152968114,text'

For the Debug Sampler output above, I would expect:

  Constructed using: '1234,12345678910,1358152968114,text'

I have tried to move the CSV Data Set Config to the top and bottom of
the test plan instead of having it inside the thread group, with the
same result (no variable substitution).

Am I doing anything wrong or is this a bug? (I have seen this problem
in the latest nightly build (r1432785) and v2.8).

Best Regards,
Jørgen Austvik

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