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From Roderick Parks <>
Subject RE: Logic error or bug?
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2012 11:57:45 GMT
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From: Roderick Parks
Sent: 20 December 2012 11:06
Subject: Logic error or bug?

As per the attached image comprising cut-and-pasted sections from the test plan and aggregate
report, I have a module "Consolidate Entity" which is invoked from many different places in
my test plan.  I have stripped it back the plan to the bare minimum needed to illustrate the

Beneath "Consolidate Entity", which is merely a Simple Controller to act as a suitable target
for Module Controllers elsewhere in the test plan, is Transaction Controller "Consolidate
${ENTITY}" which is expected to provide differentiated results in the Aggregate Report to
show the consolidation times for over a dozen different entities.  I have debug samplers as
children of "Consolidate ${ENTITY}" and module "Run Consolidation" which produce the expected
results when the test is run: they report progress for the currently selected entity correctly.

However, when the consolidation completes, the Transaction Controller "Consolidate ${ENTITY}"
does not display the result for the currently selected entity: on the first pass, "${ENTITY}"
is not substituted, implying it was not set, though it clearly was, otherwise the Debug Controllers
could not have shown it whilst the consolidation was in progress. On the second pass it shows
the name of the entity used for the first pass, on the third it shows the name of the entity
used for the second, and so on.  As the consolidations are run in a random order it means
the aggregated totals are completely mixed up and therefore meaningless.

In the example aggregate report, I expect FRANCE, HUNGARY, JERSEY but actually get ${ENTITY},

Have I got a flaw in my logic, or have I found a bug with the Transaction Controller?  (This
is JMeter 2.8 r1393162.)

I can of course create a Transaction Controller as a parent of each Module Controller that
calls "Consolidate Entity", but it means having many Transaction Controllers where I thought
one should suffice.

Thanks, Roderick

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