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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Easy way to test If file exists
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 19:29:39 GMT
One approach:

This sounds 'if-then-elsey' enough to me that I would lean towards
BeanShell or JSR223 samplers to implement it. (Caveat: my perspective is
biased towards single thread, functionally oriented use of JMeter).

I have a JSR223 sampler that I run when I am developing a test - It runs in
the setup threadgroup and makes a backup copy of the testplan.jmx file (I
had one too many jmx file corruptions).

JRuby would give you a nice concise path do do what you are looking to do.
I wrote a little blog post about setting up JRuby in JMeter

My 'Backup Test Plan' sampler code is simple and fairly concise:

require 'fileutils'
  $"Backing up the current JMX Test Plan File: ${__TestPlanName}")
  jmxFile = File.expand_path(Dir.pwd + "/../testplans/${__TestPlanName}")

  #create a backup folder wherever we are
  Dir.mkdir(File.expand_path("./testplanbackups")) unless

  #copy the file
  if File.file?(jmxFile)
    $SampleResult.setResponseData("ERROR - Failed to make a backup copy of
the current test plan. Didn't find the JMX file to copy.")
rescue  => e
    $SampleResult.setResponseData("ERROR - Failed to make a backup copy of
the current test plan. \n\n JRuby reported: #{e.message}")

On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 9:23 AM, Walker, Russell <>wrote:

>  I have what I think should be a simple question, however, its one I’ve
> been unable to find a solution to anywhere.****
> I’m super  very familiar with JMeter so perhaps I’m trying to solve this
> the wrong way.****
> My primary issue is that I often forget to remove old collector logs after
> a test run and when I restart a new test the data gets appended to the old
> log and creates a graph that is nearly impossible to understand.  I was
> unable to find a setting in either the GUI or properties files which
> configured these counters to truncate old data.****
> My solution to this problem was to create a OS process sampler which zips
> up the old logs with a time stamp and then deletes them.  This works fine,
> however, I’d like to be able to check the following:****
> **a)      **The log files exist before zipping.****
> **b)      **The zip was successful before deleting the logs.****
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.****
> Thank you.****
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Mark Miller
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