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From "Stott, Charlie" <>
Subject setup & teardown thread group concurrency
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 02:53:45 GMT
Hello fellow jMeter users, I am new to the list, but have been using jMeter quite extensively,
and have a long history in software development.

Tldr; version:  How does the 'run thread groups consecutively' switch affect the running of
setup and teardown thread groups?

Detailed version:

I have a test plan with several thread groups, each of which is designed to perform a different
aspect of the transaction profile that we wish to push to our servers.  For instance, there
is a 'background thread group', which maintains a certain level of background noise performing
legacy transcations similar to those seen in our production systems.  Another thread group
pushes extra transactions, which we ramp to deduce performance.  Another thread group performs
admin tasks such as console login at various intervals.  Etc.  These thread groups need to
run concurrently.

These are controlled by a series of variables, and there are several configurations which
can be enabled or disabled to provide different test scenarios.

After setting the appropriate configuration, the tests require some processing of those variables,
to deduce other test parameters, including duration, iterations, threads, ramp time, etc.

It seems that the appropriate way to process those variables would be in a setup thread group,
since this should run after all config items have been processed, but before any other thread
groups start running.

I am finding that the setup thread appears to run concurrently with all the other thread groups.
 Is this proper behaviour?  I have not ticked the 'run thread groups consecutively', because
I want the others to be concurrent.

Can someone explain how to use the setup thread group properly, so that it runs before all
other thread groups, regardless of the 'run consecutively' setting.  I thought that was the
whole purpose of the element?

Thanks in advance,

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