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From "Mikhail T." <>
Subject Re: How to automatically loop through all possible combinations?
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 21:54:06 GMT
On 06.09.2012 22:56, Deepak Shetty wrote:
> Yes they can be nested. However because you want to try out every
> combination once and only once you'd probably have to modify the sharing
> mode of the inner loops (to thread only)- ill try it later
Thanks, Deepak. Have you had any luck? I'm trying to nest the While-controllers 
here and not having much luck :( The condition of the While-loops is (found 
online somewhere) like this: ${__jexl("${UA}" != "<EOF>")}, because simply using 
the variable itself (such as ${UA}) is not working -- the loop does not stop at 
EOF. Instead, after going through all valid user-agents from the file, it keeps 
on going with the value of "<EOF>". Somebody reported this problem 

on Unix (like myself), whereas the same config worked properly on Windows...

Anyway, here is, how my test plan looks right now:

    Thread Group (1 thread):
         While ${__jexl("${domain}" != "<EOF>")}
             CSV domains
             While ${__jexl("${UA}" != "<EOF>")}
                 CSV useragents
                 HTTP Header Manager
                 HTTP Sampler

If the inner CSV Data Set Config is set to recycle on EOF, then the inner loop 
simply never stops -- and I keep testing the same virtual host with different 
user-agents over and over:

    vhost1    ua1
    vhost1    ua2
    vhost1    uaN
    vhost1    ua1
    vhost1    ua2
    vhost1    uaN
    /no end/

And if set the recylce on EOF is set to false, then it tries all of the 
user-agents (including a fictious one named "<EOF>" -- but only once) against 
only one (the first) virtual host and then stops completely (even though "Stop 
thread on EOF" is set false):

    vhost1    ua1
    vhost1    ua2
    vhost1    uaN
    vhost1 <EOF>

Either way it never proceeds to vhost2... Any ideas? Thanks! Yours,


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