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From kay <>
Subject Jmeter client-server configuration
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 13:40:04 GMT
Dear community,

Is it possible to view realtime graphs on client side from the task
which was started remotely on server?

I've tried to configure jmeter server's "remote_host" to
my_local_host_ip and start task remotely. It was started correctly:
Created remote object: UnicastServerRef [liveRef:
Starting the test on host my_local_host_ip @ Mon Aug 19 17:26:28 GMT
2012 (1345469188678)
Finished the test on host my_local_host_ip @ Mon Aug 19 17:27:22 GMT
2012 (1345469242149)

But I didn't see any graphs on jmeter client side. Also I didn't find any logs.

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