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From Andrej van der Zee <>
Subject Re: HTTP request sampler option "Content encoding"
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2012 11:32:50 GMT
>> Is there an option to send compressed http requests outside of jmeter (i.e.
>> by browser/on the http protocol spec)?

The HTTP request header "Content-Encoding: gzip/deflate/etc" is there
to tell the web server it must decompress its POST data. The web
server *must* support this, for example Apache does this in
mod_deflate with input filters.

JMeter could look for this header and compress outgoing requests if
present, like it does for incoming HTTP responses.

>> sense on responses as requests are usually very small (exept of when
>> uploading files).

That is an assumption which in my experience is not always true.
That's why there exist Web server modules that support decompression
like mod_deflate in Apache.


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