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From Sergio Boso <>
Subject Re: How JMeter vUsers work
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2012 11:29:01 GMT
Il 09/07/2012 11:24, Adrian Speteanu ha scritto:

just  to be sure:
if I select
   "Retrieve all embedded resources"
   "Use concurrent pool"

the concurrent pool size IS the number of socket use to retrieve the object.
Am I correct?

Thank you in advance
> Hi,
> Please note that the concept of virtual users is very tricky in JMeter.
> Especialy for people that worked with other types of performance tools
> previously.
> JMeter has threads of execution and their behaviour differs accordingly to
> whatever you want your script to do (but they are java threads and behave
> just like in any other java application). How sockets are opened differs a
> lot too (your question is very general and I think it depends more on the
> JVM and hte OS rather then jmeter itself). From monitoring the OS, on very
> busy tests (where threads make 5-10 requests per second), each thread uses
> 1 socket. But, depending on your OS and other configurations, sockets may
> be left opened for a while after one thread ended a loop. So by having many
> threads or many loops per thread you might run into trouble.
> If you are having exceptions on the machine where you run jmeter (related
> to network, number of sockets), then you'll probably need to tweak the OS
> in order to make high loads with jmeter. Search in older threads, this was
> previously disscused.
> Adrian
> On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 1:44 PM, Prabhash Rajarathne <>wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I want to know how does JMeter Virtual Users created. When simulating 40
>> users does JMeter open up 40 sockets and create the load or does all http
>> request / responses go back and forth from a single socket or port with
>> multiple treads(sessions)? please explain
>> Regards,
>> Prabhash


Ing. Sergio Boso


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