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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Uploading random files
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2012 12:52:52 GMT
On 22 June 2012 12:17, Dean Lozo <> wrote:
> Hey
> Since my Cookie issue got helpful responses that helped me resolve the
> issue, and some future ones. I decided to post here again. (Gotten far
> since last time!). I am only missing one more thing for me to be happy with
> the load testing. I need a way to upload a random file every time the
> Upload POST reques is run. I tried cheating by simply changing the
> "filename" value in the post, sadly this was a no go. I figured this was a

It should work. What exactly did not work?

Using CSV Data Set Config with HTTP POST works fine for me.

I set up a CSV file with 2 columns: name and path-name

CSV DataSet
- recycle on EOF: false
- stop thread on EOF: true
- variable names: NAME, PATH

Then use ${PATH} in the File Path field and ${NAME} in the Parameter
Name field of the "Send Files with Request" section.

This works fine for me.

> comming issue and started googling around. I stumbled upon a thread that
> seems to do what I want to:

Seems to be using BeanShell to generate a list of files at run-time.
Much better to do this before starting the test - or if it does have
to be done at run-time, that's work for a setUp thread group.

But not necessary for your case, and seems to be unnecessarily
complicated, even without the BeanShell sampler.

> I
> am new to JMeter i have little experience with JMeter and struggling to
> make sense out of javascript in the example. I understand the Java in the
> BeanShell. I can't find where the path for the folder location is defined.
> Is that sent in from JMeter? I also receive an error saying that the
> "C:\Program Files
> (x86)\apache-jmeter-2.7\bin\bsh\generate-content-list.bsh" could be located.
> This is obviously something big to dive into at once with only a couple of
> hours of JMeter experience. Does anyone have a simpler approach or a
> "guide" with more detail explenations? I would greatly appreciate it, I
> want to learn it as well. Not just copy paste and tinker like i am doing
> now (well that is a way of learning)
> Cheers
> Dean

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