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From Deepak Goel <>
Subject Re: Running load test from my laptop
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 20:11:05 GMT
Hey Mark

You might try to increase the number of users and try again. Might
give you a better idea if the problem exist only for "50". You might
also like to check how fast do you ramp up.
The other solutions you have mentioned in the mail.


On 5/10/12, Mark Steudel <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm new to this list and to jmeter. Currently I'm trying to do a bit
> of troubleshooting of a site of ours that is experience some weird
> problems we think are related to either load/max concurrent
> connections thresholds. I thought I would run the load tester and try
> and browse the site to see if I experience the same thing.
> I ran into an issue where I ramp up connections to 50 and I am no
> longer able hit the page anymore, I get a "connection reset" from my
> browser. If I have a colleague in another state hit it it works fine
> while I'm running the test. So I'm drawing some conclusion that
> perhaps the hosting company is limiting me, or the firewall is closing
> me down or something.
> The other possibility it seems is that somehow my computer isn't happy
> with what I'm doing. When I run the test I can still get to other
> sites, just not the server I'm testing. I've even tested this with a
> simple html file with almost nothing in it. I'm running this off my
> macbook pro laptop. Has anyone ever run into this problem?
> Mark
> PS Actually I guess another possibility is my isp limiting me ....
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