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Subject Re: PreProcessor and test fragment question
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2012 18:14:42 GMT
Shmuel Krakower <> wrote on 04/19/2012 10:11:51 AM:
> You can put the pre processor on the same level as the samplers (instead
> as a child of each). I didnt got the second part of the question..

The second part of the question had to do with scope. Let's say that I have
a test plan as follows:

thread group
+test fragment to login
+module controller linked to various fragments to do core testing
+test fragment to logout

thread group
+core test 1
+core test 2
+core test N

Now, for example, if in my login test fragment, if I have a HTTP Request
Default, will the settings in that be used only in that fragment, or can it
be used by say, the requests/fragments pulled in by the module controller?

On this app I am testing, I have a lot of common things that have to be
done for each section, but I also have enough that will change each time
that I need to find some way to parameterize part of the tests and make
reuse of other parts as easy and as manageable as I can.

If there was a way to pass command line args to the module controller, (or
some other way to achieve that effect) that would be quite awesome.

Lee Lowder

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