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Subject Login Form problems
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2012 16:44:00 GMT

I know this is a common problem, but this is something that has been giving
me trouble for several days now.

I am using jmeter 2.6 r1237317, and I did use the recording proxy to create
my test.  I have a cookie manager in place. I have tried both "Redirect
Automatically" and "Follow Redirects" , but I get the same results with
both. I have also (unsuccessfully) tried to setup the URL rewriter mod.

When I run the test I appear to get logged in correctly, but when I go to
the next page it does not see me as logged in.

I have used liveHTTP to look at the headers in the browser and I cannot
figure out what I am doing wrong. The main pages use cookies for the
session id, but some of the referenced .js files use it in the request as
part of the path.

One thing I have been able to determine is that when I run jmeter it is
logging in successfully when the authentication requests are made, it's
just not passing something to the protected pages.

What other things can I try? I have the feeling it is something relatively
simple that I am missing.

Thank you.

Lee Lowder

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