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Subject Additional problems with login form
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 13:17:17 GMT
By working with a developer and looking at tomcat logs I was able to figure
out my first problem - our application expect certain cookies to be
present/sent even if an empty string and jmeter by default does not send
those types of cookies.

However, now that I have adjusted the properties for that I have ran into
another problem.

I am now getting a authentication.exception.DigitalSignatureFailedException
when I try to login.

What is the best way to try to correct this?  I was really wanting these
tests to be as blackbox as possible, though that is seeming less likely as
time goes on.

I do see a signature cookie in the set of cookies being received and sent,
but it would seem it is wrong somehow.

I don't know for sure (yet) how this is generated

Thank you.
Lee Lowder

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