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From Deepak Shetty <>
Subject Re: Login Form problems
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2012 18:50:40 GMT
>but the response data doesn't contain what I expect.
But then (one of ) your problem lies here.  is there any other dynamic data
like a form token that changes dynamically that you are not extracting out
Compare live http headers request response with view results tree request
/response for the same username/password (only the values of the session
ids should differ , but the number of distinct session ids etc should be
the same in either flow). You can also upload the two traces somewhere and
we can take a look.
Another way is asking a dev to look at the application logs while you are
running your test , sometimes it is easier to figure out why the
application doesnt behave correctly from the error it logs.


On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 11:42 AM, <> wrote:

> > >a) I have tried both "Redirect Automatically" and "Follow Redirects"
> > Always use follow redirects
> Will do that.
> >
> > >b)tried to setup the URL rewriter mod.
> > *Usually* using a HTTP Cookie manager is sufficient and you dont need the
> > rewriter.  But it basically depends on your application. An application
> can
> > manage session ids with cookies, session ids in the URL or as is usually
> > the case - both. If your application uses both you can just use the
> cookie
> > manager in your script. Do you have a http cookie manager in your script?
> I do have a cookie manager, and I can see the generated cookies.
> >
> > >c)When I run the test I appear to get logged in correctly,
> > And you have verified this with a response assertion and/or View Results
> > tree listener and have verified that you have got back text that you
> > expect? (e.g. welcome username!)
> I see the cookies I expect, but the response data doesn't contain what I
> expect.
> If I actually put in a bad user/pass I do get a failed message.
> >
> > d)The main pages use cookies for the session id, but some of the
> referenced
> > .js files use it in the request as part of the path.
> > This is the case when the application uses both cookies and URL rewriting
> -
> > for the first page the server doesnt know if your browser is going to
> > support cookies or not so all URLs on this page have the session id
> encoded
> > in the URL. However you dont need the id's in URL if you are going to use
> a
> > cookie manager and you can remove it from the recorded script(Since this
> > references the old recorded session id). If using retrieve embedded
> > resources , then you need not do anything additional)
> I reran with that checked, but got the same results as far as not being
> logged in.
> >
> > Also verify using view results tree listener that the value of the
> session
> > id doesnt change (its possible that you get a new session id on login ,
> but
> > you should see that in the browser as well).
> the value of the session id does change, in both expected and unexpected
> ways.
> Part of the login code runs in different contexts, so the ID will change.
> However, when it kicks back to the main context I don't get the original
> session id back (which I do when I run in the browser) and instead I get a
> new session id
> But I have been unable to figure out why or what I am missing.
> Thank you.
> Lee Lowder
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