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From Deepak Goel <>
Subject Re: Generate Concurrent user load
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 20:13:37 GMT

Simultaneous and concurrency will give you the same
results...Synchronized is like a queue user at a time...


On 4/20/12, Adrian Speteanu <> wrote:
> well, loosly speaking, the words aren't exactly synonims and the way they
> are usually used in java, jmeter relies on the differences between the
> terms. I don't understand why this stands in your way.
> i agree with your definition of simultaneous, regarding jmeter's threads.
> THEN, synchronization will ensure that the configured number of threads
> will do ONE specific action simultaneously, instead of ANY action. This is
> actually what you want with this feature. Threads get de-synchronized
> because of server response times, ramp up period and timers used in jmter's
> script - which is good in terms of realism of test. If you actually require
> that all threads (or some of them) start specific portions of a test
> together (to overload that functionality), then you'll need to
> re-synchronize them -> i.e. use this sync timer.
> in my understanding, they are not the same thing. as for "will have active
> sessions" - i can't tell you that; it will, if you're loging in correctly
> with each single thread...
> On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 7:45 AM, niraj <> wrote:
>> synchronized and concurrency are same. Users will have active sessions and
>> doing exact same thing at a given point of time.
>> Simultaneous: Users have active sessions, but performing different actions
>> at given point of time.
>> If my understanding is wrong then please do correct me.
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