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From sergio <>
Subject Re: JMeter for monitoring and alerting
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 21:43:19 GMT
Hi Srdan

I'm working right now on the integration between Nagios and Jmeter.
I started with the script you pointed to, but I too have found it is really basic.

So I'm adding a file log feature, a configuration file and so on.
Still a Perl script anyway.
I'm in the middle of the work, I think I will have a working sample in a week or so.

If you agree to be my beta tester I will send you the script as soon as it is ready.
I will try to keep my comments and instruction in English.



Il 26/04/2012 05:49, Srdan Dukic ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I've got a large internal Wiki site that I've been tasked with improving
> the performance of. The site only supports cookie-based authentication, so
> I chose to use JMeter as it is very flexible and featureful and able to
> handle this scenario very well.
> I'd like to setup a system where JMeter constantly queries our slowest
> pages on a time based period (every 10 minutes or so) and sends out alerts
> if performance drops. It would also be great if it could integrate with a
> monitoring system like Nagios or Hyperic and also support trending.
> I've been looking around to try and find an existing example of how to do
> this, and have found some Nagios plugins that do this (e.g.
> however they seem to be quite crude. I'd be happy to write my own custom
> plugin, however I was hoping that someone else had already ran into this
> use-case.
> Has anyone used JMeter for monitoring before? Is there an easy way to use
> JMeter for what I need it to do, or would I be better off searching for a
> different tool?
> Thank you


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