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From "Robin D. Wilson" <>
Subject Feature request...
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 22:02:54 GMT
I use the 'GUI' mode for most of my JMeter testing. I configure a 'Tree Listener' to show any
errors, to help me debug - I check the
"Log/Display Only: Errors" box, so that it only shows errors encountered.

Is it possible to have the tree listener log the entire "thread loop" when it encounters an
error? That is, let's say I have a
thread that ends up running through  10 samplers. Currently, when I encounter an error in
sampler # 8, only that response is logged
in the Tree Listener. I would love to see samplers 1-8 logged when the error occurs in the
8th sampler of the loop - so that I can
trace the entire context of the failure through the test plan.

As it stands right now, if sampler #1 is 'login', and sampler #2 is show pageX, and sampler
#3 is POST formY, ...; by the time I get
to sampler #8, the die may have already been cast - and I might not know why sampler #8 broke...
But if I could see the entire
thread for that loop, I would be able to trace the steps back correctly. Basically, I want
to retain the entire set of results for a
thread until the thread starts over at the beginning of the loop - then if the loop completes
without exception, discard the result
set and start over again. If the loop throws an exception, log the retained results in the
Tree Listener.

Also, while I'm at it. It would be nice if the Tree Listener could group results by thread.
That is, create a folder for each
thread, so that the results of thread #1 can be reviewed independently from the results of
thread #99 (this would be especially
useful when logging successful responses _and_ errors since it would keep the request/responses
for a given thread in a group with
the same thread). As it stands right now - all threads record in groups for the sampler name
for each instance of the request, so I
see all the results essentially grouped by sampled response by 'time' (I put 'time' in scare
quotes because it's not exactly by
'time', it depends on when the sampler gets the chance to write its results - which may or
may not be sequenced by time as compared
to a different thread - I frequently see the results show up out of order based on their timestamps
- but it is relatively close to
time ordered). I think this feature would be necessary in order for the above feature request
to be useful - otherwise it would take
a lot of effort to identify which sampler shown in the response tree matched to each error.

Robin D. Wilson
Sr. Director of Web Development
KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.
VOICE: 512-777-1861

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