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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Constant Throughput Timer and test duration conflict
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2012 12:40:51 GMT
On 3 March 2012 12:17, mjara <> wrote:
> I have a test plan with two thread groups. Each thread group has an HTTP
> sampler and each HTTP sampler has a constant throughput timer (CTP). Each

Don't use multiple CTP elements; one per thread should be enough.

> thread group has 5 threads. If I set the test duration in each thread group
> to 10 seconds and set CTP to 60 (1 request per second) then the test ends
> after 10 seconds as expected.

10 seconds is too short for a useful test run.

> However, if I set the CTP to 1 (1 request per minute) then the test does not
> end after 10 seconds. It runs for a long time.
> This is a simplified version of what I'm actually trying to accomplish. My
> real test plan has 120 thread groups. Each thread group has a different
> required throughput and some needs many requests per minute and some just
> need 1.

You should probably consider rearranging the test plan to use a single
thread group with the appropriate proportions of samplers.

> I suspect the threads are being delayed to achieve the required throughput,

Yes, necessarily.

> however, I think that when the test is completed based on the test duration
> value, then all threads should shutdown no matter what state they are in.

That does not happen currently.

Neither timers nor samplers are interrupted by the expiry of the test
duration; this cannot be changed without affecting existing test

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