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From Will Jessop <>
Subject JMeter GUI client sending wrong source IP.missing statistics
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 20:06:47 GMT
Hi All,

I have a problem getting statistics back from remote JMeter servers.
Here's my setup:

My machine (JMeter GUI) -> VPN -> Remote network (datacentre, JMeter
server instances)

Networks on my machine: local network VPN

I have a JMeter server started in the datacentre:

RMI_HOST_DEF=-Djava.rmi.server.hostname= bin/jmeter-server

It starts up fine and receives commands from the GUI. I'm setting
RMI_HOST_DEF because the hostname points to on the host.
Seems to be an Ubuntu thing.

On my local machine starts JMeter starts listening just fine, this
from the firewall log:

Mar 21 23:31:11 octobrain Firewall[20687]: java is listening from
::ffff: proto=6

I can telnet back to my machine on this port from the same server that
JMeter-server is started on so it's not a firewall issue. I can start
remote tests using my local GUI and these get executed by the remote
JMeter server instances. What I'm missing is the statistics that these
tests generate. I've tried a bunch of stuff to make this work all to
no avail.

In my jmeter-server.log I am getting a clue though. When I run a test
the server log reports the error. Here's the interesting bit:

2012/03/22 14:53:53 ERROR - jmeter.samplers.RemoteListenerWrapper:
testStarted(host) java.rmi.ConnectIOException: Exception creating
connection to:; nested exception is:

(full text:

What seems to be happening is that the JMeter GUI process is reporting
back that it's listening on, which is un-routable over
the VPN, it should be reporting that it's listening on

Anyone any ideas on how to fix this?


Will Jessop
System Administrator

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