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From "rahul.soa" <>
Subject Re: [JMeter - Configuration]
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2012 20:31:31 GMT
I progressed on this little bit. Now I'm able to GET this (please see
the 2nd point in the previous email thread)

I can see all html and javascript for login page in the response (in
View Results Tree)

my next request is POST and it seems POST (sending username and
password) is not working. Always getting the resonse for same login
page. (to provide username and password).

Can anyone please help?

Many thanks!

On 3/4/12, rahul.soa <> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm new to Apache JMeter. I first downloaded this great product today and
> tested with public websites and it worked like charm.
> Now its my web application's turn.
> I am working on an enterprise web application. I just want to start with
> testing one JSP page of my web application which takes lot of time to load
> (/WebApplicationName/
> Here is the quick flow of web application load: When user first time sends
> request for web application, then it passes thru a Central Authorization
> System(CAS) which requires valid username and password. Then user's request
> goes to proxy HTTP server, which is forwarded to SunOne Application Server
> (web container<->EJB container<->Database).
> When I try with different settings in Jmeter, it seems request is not
> reaching to Application Server. I'm pretty much sure that this is
> configuration issue as I don't know where to set proxy server/CAS
> username/password.
> This is users do in web browser:
> ========================
> 1. User send request
> 2. if user is not logged in then will be directed to
> where user has to provide username/password
> 3. with valid username and password, it loads the web application
> Can you please help me where to set the above settings and CAS
> authentication credentials in Jmeter.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Rahul

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