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From "Ben Stover" <>
Subject Using multiple ActiveMQ MessageBroker version in parallel and testing general accessibility of message broker?
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 06:09:39 GMT
I want to use JMeter to send Messages to the well know ActiveMQ Message Broker.

1.) However we use currently various different versions of ActiveMQ in parallel (on different

As far as I know JMeter needs the ActiveMQ libraries in its /lib subdirectory.

So do I have to copy ALL libraries


into JMeter or is the latest *.jar sufficient (even for older versions of ActiveMQ)? 
Can the *.jar libs co-exist in JMeter at all? In other words does JMeter automatically recongize
the target version of ActiveMQ 
and take the appropriate corresponding *.jar?

2.) Before running the actual test I want to let JMeter (automatically) check the general
accessibility of the ActiveMQ message 
broker. If it is up and running.

Is there somewhere a function in JMeter "check message broker" which takes the BrokerURLs
from the JNDI Properties
of all active ThreadGroups and check this general availability WITHOUT sending any particular

Thank you

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