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From mjara <>
Subject Re: Constant Throughput Timer and test duration conflict
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2012 16:56:33 GMT
Thanks Sebb-2-2,

What I gave was just an example. My real tests are much longer ( > 1hr). We
cannot use a single thread group because we can't let the response time of
one sampler affect the throughput of the other. Here are the basic
requirements of what I'm being asked to do.

1) Run a test against 120 services which live on one server. These are
RESTful web services. Some use xml, some us json. Some requests are GETs,
while others are POSTs. 

2) Simulate production load and distribution for each of the services. This
is very important. We need to keep a steady state of a particular throughput
for each service. 

What I've tried to do is make each sampler independent from each other by
putting them in their own thread group. I then put a CTP in each thread
group so that I can control the throughput of each service request. 

The tricky part is determining the number of threads to assign to each
thread group, since some samplers may require more threads to achieve the
required throughput. Currently the test plan has all the thread groups using
a variable for the # of threads. 

If there is a better way to do this, let me know. I've just started playing
around with jmeter a few months ago. An option to shutdown the test when the
test duration time is met would help a lot and not affect other test plans. 

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