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From sebb <>
Subject Re: REPOST: Adding an option to output results to a db? (not csv or xml.)
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 23:27:41 GMT
On 1 February 2012 21:42, Oliver Lloyd <> wrote:
>>The disadvantage is that writing large numbers of  samples to a
>>database is likely to be slower than writing to a file.
> Agreed. In principle it is possible to tune inserts to high levels (we got
> it up to 40k a second) but that was with fairly lightweight data and
> involved some tweaking of the db params which is non-standard.
> I guess a better approach might be either to write to a db non synchronously
> using a flat file as a buffer

That could be done outside JMeter by writing something to "tail" a CSV
output file.
[Or of course, wait until the test is finished and then do the upload].

> or maybe using some sort of mem cache. The
> latter would offer the best throughput but with obvious risks.


>>What makes you think that Listeners depend on the output format?
> I was thinking in terms of loading results offline. Ideally if results are
> written to a db then it should be possible to point a listener at this
> source. We'll review the common code on that.

As a workround, just use standard database tools to create a CSV file
which JMeter can then load.
But surely there are lots of tools for analysing database data
directly - I'm not sure that should be a high priority.

> Thanks for your replies; we'll try and spend some more time on this.

I'm not saying it should not be attempted, just that there are
potential downsides.

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