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From sebb <>
Subject Re: 'Connection Per User' in JMeter
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2012 12:28:55 GMT
On 5 February 2012 08:50, Bruce Ide <> wrote:
> Google so didn't show whatever it was you tried to embed there.

[The mailing list tends to drop attachments]

> If you include a cookie manager in your test and increase the number of
> threads in your thread group, each new thread will have its own session
> created. If the application being tested requires a login, you could store
> several different logins in a CSV and use a CSV data element to retrieve
> them. It will correctly increment through the file for each new thread.
> That kind of sounds like what you want.

Also, for completeness:

To ensure you get a different TCP session for each thread, make sure
you don't use the Java HTTP implementation, as that provides no
control over connection re-use.
The HttpClient implementations do, and are set up so threads never
share connections.

> --
> Bruce Ide

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