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From sebb <>
Subject Re: REPOST: Adding an option to output results to a db? (not csv or xml.)
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 20:20:12 GMT
On 1 February 2012 19:35, Oliver Lloyd <> wrote:
> This is an old one, I know, but it's something we really want from this tool
> (the advantages are clear) and we've actually already got a vaguely working
> prototype in place so I wanted to raise it here to see if anyone had
> experience with this that we could learn from before going deeper?

The disadvantage is that writing large numbers of  samples to a
database is likely to be slower than writing to a file.
This would impact the maximum sample rate that JMeter can sustain.

The minimum load on JMeter is likely to be using CSV to a file
followed by off-line upload.
However, for long-running tests that don't approach the maximum
database write rate, it would mean that data was available much sooner
in the database.

> Essentially, the end goal is to allow the user to specify 'db' in place of
> 'csv' or 'xml' in the properties file - so long as valid connection details
> are given - and then JMeter would no longer use the jtl format but insert
> into a table.
> The problem as I see it is is that the listeners rely on the jtl format to
> work so if you redirect output to a new datasource then the listeners will
> no longer work so you're forced to create a new presentation layer. Any
> thoughts?

What makes you think that Listeners depend on the output format?
They still work even if there is no output; the samples are saved
after they have been sent to the Listeners.

The code to write and read from JTL files is common to all Listeners,
so adding DB support should not involve changing any presentation

The Listener config

would need to be extended to support database output, unless we extend
the file name field to allow jdbc URLs.

I think most of the rest of the config still applies to JDBC output,
i.e. it should be possible to use the config to select which fields to

> @apc My hope is that synchronous db inserts would perform much better on a
> db vs. a file. Plus the advantages of having results stored in a db vs. lots
> of separate text files are huge.
> PS. Apologies, this post belongs in the dev forum but my subscription
> failed...
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