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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Measure HTTP Sampler upload speeds
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 01:27:35 GMT
On 24 January 2012 19:58, Stephen Ash <> wrote:
> In my test plan, I have an HTTP Sampler that is POSTing a file to a
> web server. We want to do some tuning on the TCP settings for the
> server to give us better upload speeds. Is there a way that I can
> measure the upload speed (or other metrics like bytes sent) of the
> request portion of the sampler? Looking at the API docs for the
> SampleResult and HTTPSampler, the only thing that I see related to the
> request is the headers. Everything else is related to the response.
> Right now, I am running the requests trough a HTTP proxy (Charles) so
> that I can get the numbers from that tool. That means that I have to
> calculate the upload bandwidths by hand for each request instead of
> getting the results from JMeter itself.

JMeter does not show request size currently. I suppose it might make
more sense to show that instead of response size for POST requests.

Feel free to raise an enhancement request.

I'm not sure the throughput is essential for use in tuning; so long as
you run repeatable tests, just compare elapsed times.

You could potentially use a BSF/BSH processor to scan the POST request
parameters and save the upload size in a variable; you can tell JMeter
to write the variable to the file:

If you write to a CSV file, it should be trivial to use a spreadsheet
to load it and do the calculations for you.

> Thanks,
> Stephen Ash
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