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From Stanton W Derry <>
Subject Re: JMeter adding to response time
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 14:11:17 GMT
As a matter of fact I have one Transaction Controller as a parent of all 
web services call.

Thread Group - 250 threads
    Transaction Controller
         HTTP Request
         HTTP Request
     Test Action
         Constant Throughput - 28.5

I've spread the load across 5 engines, each engine is driving at 500tps 
per request.  Hosts average CPU is ~60%, two hosts one with 2 JMeter 
instances and one with 3 JMeter instances.  NIC bandwidth utilization is 
~5% on both hosts.  Also, I'm not running in a Master/Slave configuration.


On 2/2/12 4:45 AM, sebb wrote:
> On 2 February 2012 05:03, Stanton W Derry<>  wrote:
>> I'm performance testing a set of web services with an expected response time
>> of ~20-25ms.   I've developed the script using HTTP Request (Http 3.1)
>> samplers doing POSTs with a SOAP payload.  The samplers have Response
>> Assertions, Regular Expression Extractors, and some have XPath Extractors.
>>   The results have created a bit of a quandry. The average response times in
>> JMeter are in the range of 50-60ms and the average request times on the web
>> servers is ~15ms.  The network latency is<  1ms from the JMeter load
>> generators to the web servers.
>> Question:  Is JMeter processing adding in the additional  35-45ms?
> Very unlikely unless JMeter or the host is so busy that it cannot
> service all its threads promptly.
> But in that case I would expect to see wide variations in elapsed time
> between threads .
> You could try using HttpClient 4.x instead of 3.1 and see if that
> makes a difference.
>> Does the response time include processing of the assertions and extractors?
> No, not unless you use a Transaction Controller.
>> Stan
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