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From Oliver Lloyd <>
Subject Re: Timer, how to delay the HTTP request in the thread.
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 10:50:19 GMT
Hang on. You're saying  that if you run your test with 15 users then the site
becomes overloaded and the requests fail, but that if you use 2 users it
works OK, right? And now, to deal with this 'problem' you are looking for a
way to slow the test down so that the site responds OK.

Why? What are you trying to acheive with this? Are you attempting to
actually run a useful test against your site or are you just trying to run
lots of requests for some other purpose?

If you actually want to *test* you site then you should not be adjusting the
test to make it work! You should configure the test to be a realistic
representation of expected load and then if it is still failing then maybe
this is a valid failure, maybe you have a real problem here and adjusting
your test params could be covering that up.

But if your goal is not to actually test the site but just to run some
JMeter scripts for no particular reason then sure, you should add some
timers and adjust the test parameters until the application responds in the
way you want it to and then you have a nice healthy looking test report -
which is obviously the most important thing.

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