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From sebb <>
Subject Re: possible performance bottleneck for WebService Request Sampler
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 11:02:50 GMT
On 4 January 2012 10:52, Anthony Johnson <> wrote:
> Hey Ray,
>    If it happens to be some sort of socket re-use issue then you can
> probably play with the dynamic range to see if you can increase the actual
> range.  I am assuming you are using Windows:
> I thought that I would find something in the FAQ around this issue, but my
> search ended up with nothing.
> Also, you will most likely get a reply on this list to disable all your
> listeners except for the Summary Report and verify that the issue still
> occurs.  Listeners are pretty expensive and often times they can exhaust
> all the memory or   contain so much data that JMeter spends its time
> managing that data.
> Just an FYI, I've used the Webservice Sampler quite a bit and haven't run
> into this issue so hopefully it is something easy.

Alternatively, try using one of the other samplers instead, e.g.

> Good luck,
> Anthony
> 2012/1/4 Ray <>
>>  Hi
>> Recently, I use WebService Request sampler in jmeter (performance tests by
>> Jmeter is standard strategy in our project) to do the performance test
>> against our web service. The average response time of the web service
>> method is about 5ms. At beginning of the test, the tps can reach to 2000+
>> with 30 threads(users). But after about 32000 requests sent, the tps drop
>> down rapidly to about 500.
>> Then I used soapui to test it again and the tps is stable with this tool.
>> After long time investigation,  I found that the tcp port is almost used up
>> when using jmeter. But soapui only occupies a few tcp ports.
>> Anyone has some idea about this phenomena? Thanks very much!
>> How to reproduce
>> 1. setup tomcat (I deployed it on Solaris, maybe other system has same
>> issue)
>> 2. download axis 1.4 of java version
>> 3. copy content under webapps to tomcat webapps directory
>> 4. start tomcat, and then you have a simple web service deployed. The wsdl
>> can be found at http://${host}:8080/axis/services/Version?wsdl
>> 5. use WebService(SOAP) Request Sampler to do performance tests with 30
>> threads. You'll see tps drop down obviously after about 32000 requests sent.
>> Best Regards
>> Ray

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