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From Flavio Cysne <>
Subject Re: How to setup a remote jmeter agent as a load generator machine?
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2011 11:27:26 GMT

JMeter distributed testing guide (PDF) is good reference but it lacks of
Some quick steps bellow to do a 10-minutes JMeter distributed test run :)

if you pretend to use only one server per machine is a just drop-and-run.
1. Decompress JMeter zip inside a folder (remember that must not have
spaces or special characters on path)
2. Run ./bin/jmeter-server.bat or ./bin/, depending if
machine OS is Windows or Linux respectively
3. On the client machine run JMeter GUI (./bin/jmeter.bat or ./bin/jmeter)
if you want to run and follow the test on the fly
3. Run, from prompt, ./bin/jmeter.bat -n -t TestPlanFile.jmx -l
TestOutput.jtl -R IP1:PORT1,IP2:PORT2 or ./bin/jmeter with the same
parameters, replacing IP1:PORT1,IP2:PORT2 with IP and PORT from
your JMeter server machines (default PORT is 1099)

Obs.: you can modify ./bin/ remote_hosts property value
with IP:PORT of your JMeter servers and then -R parameter can be avoided
from command line. If using Linux, remember to give execute permission to
.sh files ($ chmod +x

if you want to deploy more than one JMeter server at one machine, you'll
have to do a few more steps
1. Create a base folder, for example "jmeter", inside this folder create as
many folder as the number of servers you want to deploy naming then 1, 2
and 3, for example. Inside each folder decompress JMeter zip
2. For each numbered folder inside "jmeter" folder, modify
./bin/ server_port property value to a distinct and not in
use port
3. same as prior step 2
4. same as prior step 3

Obs.: this is what I've done to run jmeter distributed testing at work. You
may consider doing additional steps or doing some of them in a different
way to accomplish your goals, if necessary or desired. To avoid loopback
problem, edit hosts file and add a line with IP and name for each machine,
including client. In JMeter GUI, a distributed testing is run using "Start
Remote..." or "Start all remote...".

Hope this helps you.
Flávio Cysne

2011/12/19 sergio <>

> Hi
> you can find a pretty good guide for distributed testing here:
> testing_step_by_step.pdf<>
> regards
> Sergio
> Il 19/12/2011 22:39, Bhuiyan, Hasan (Hasan) ha scritto:
>  Hi Friends,
>> I need some help on how to setup a remote agent so that I can run many
>> users from different machines.
>> Best regards,
>> Hasan
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