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From Deepak Goel <>
Subject Re: How to increase throughput?
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2011 19:12:54 GMT

Looks like you are getting a  response time of 300ms. A simple html
page of about 5k takes about 1ms on a shared network, which keeps on
increasing as you increase the size of the page. So you are atleast
downloading 60k in every page (transaction). If this is true then you
are getting the correct throughput (200/sec).

If you want to increase to 1500/sec, you will have to try the following:
1. Move to a isloated network or ask your sysadmin to increase the
network bandwidth
2. Caching
3. Multiple Servers (Either software or hardware)


On 12/7/11, Felix Frank <> wrote:
> You may even be looking at a threading problem.
> What happens when you half the number of threads to 1000?
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