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From "Robin D. Wilson" <>
Subject RE: Strange 'pause' activity during testing
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2011 20:09:42 GMT
>Maybe then there is a problem with the scanning of the HTML to extract the
embedded resources, or maybe one of the embedded resources is a tar-pit.

If this were the case, I would expect the first sample to show the problem.
The fact that it does 600+ iterations without a problem - and _then_ stalls
seems like it rules out any problem with the returned HTML (especially since
the only difference in the returned result is the username supplied by

>Do all the expected embedded resources get downloaded?

Zero errors (even with the pauses there are no errors at all).

>Are there any unusually long elapsed times for embedded resources?

I see the 'max request duration' jump up right after the pause - but it is
only 10-11 seconds (not ~35 seconds like the pause).

>Or large gaps between the parent sample download completion and the start
of the first embedded resource?

Not that I can see... I'll see if I can get more detail on this.

>That would suggest the page took a while to parse.

I would assume that because this happens ~600+ iterations into the test (the
first time), that if it was related to parsing the page, I would see it
earlier in the test run cycle. And I wouldn't expect a parsing problem to
repeat on such a consistent basis - without happening on every sample. Right
now, if it is a parsing problem, it only happens the ~600th time it sees the
same page, which seems really surprising to me (then it happens again after
another ~600 iterations, etc.). Also, I would expect the parser to take up
some CPU and perhaps even some I/O cycles, but the PerfMon shows idle during
the pause period.

>You'll need to select the optiion to "save subresults" in order to see the
embedded samples.


>BTW, you wrote you were running JMeter 2.4.1 - that does not exist, so
perhaps you meant the current version, 2.5.1?

Sorry, I meant 2.4.  I didn't upgrade to 2.5 (and beyond) because of a
previously reported problem where 2.5+ slows down my throughput to about 60%
of what I get on 2.4.

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