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From Oliver Lloyd <>
Subject Re: Extracting from JSON using Regular expression Extrator
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 18:58:17 GMT
You do realise that the entire purpose of captchas is to prevent people like
you using tools like JMeter to automate against the page that the captcha
sits on, right? (Google's recaptcha has other uses but putting that aside
for now). Because it does kind of seem like you are trying to automate
catpcha responses here, which is never going to work because JMeter is not
human and cannot read obfuscated text. And no, Kiran, he has not broken the
captcha by successfully writing the first AI JMeter script - he seems to be
giving it a go though.

Now, if you just want to load the captcha and don't care about submitting
the correct response then ignore what I just wrote but, er, why? Do you work
for Google? You should only be testing your own code and not spamming
Google's recaptcha service.

Look, just disable the captcha during your testing, it will save you rather
a lot of time. You can either do that or another alternative might be to
load the image but not require that the submitted text be validated - not
sure if this is possible with this service but it's worthwhile if it is
because I have seen bottlenecks on the captcha load request before where our
captcha framework code had a bug in it so it is a potential area where issue
can occur.

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