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From sasidharsmit <>
Subject JMeter reporting higher response times
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2011 14:44:49 GMT
Dear All,
I'm using JMeter v2.5.1 r1177103 to automate one of my business flows, in a
windows 7 machine. The sampler I use is a custom plugin sampler "jp@gc -
HTTP Raw Request", that I downloaded from the below URL.

The business flow is simple. 
   a) I send a http raw request (requesting account details for a particular
user) and 
   b) I expect a response (with the details of the user). 

I have completed automating the application and my script completes the flow
successfully. I get the response I expect and no errors are observed.

Everything is fine, except that JMeter is reporting response times higher
than what I observe with any other performance testing tool. 

I have tried automating the same business flow via the following tools:

1. HTTP Requester
2. HP Performance Center
3. JMeter

The response times I get via the first two tools, are similar, around 40 ms,
on an average. But the response times observed via JMeter is just over 2000
ms (for every sample).

I'm running the test from my local desktop for a single user, in all 3
cases. The network capacity and the  server capacity are the same in all 3

I have tried executing the tests with each of these 3 tools several times
and yet get the same kind of result. I doubt that there is something wrong
with the way I've designed my JMeter test plan.

I have attached the screenshots of JMeter and HTTP Requester results. As can
be seen in the screenshots,

  a) I have executed 8 tests with HTTP Requester, each returning 518 bytes
of data, and takes around 40 ms
  b) I have executed close to 100 tests with JMeter, each returning 518
bytes of data, and takes over 2000 ms, every time

One point that interests me is the difference between "Load time" and
"Latency" in the JMeter screenshots.
I could see that the latency is around 10-15 ms for each of the samples but
the load time is over 2000 ms in each sample. And, when I minus the latency
from the load time, almost every time I get a value of around 1998-2000 ms.

I do not know, exactly, what this means. But I doubt that the load time
includes some constant time which results in such high response times.

Can any of you help me find the problem area?

Thanks and Regards,
Sasidhar Sekar

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