JMeter v2.5 on Windows

Added debug sampler, it did indeed match one only (the first item in shopping list, top down order):


Attached is HTML from the HTTP sampler response of the shopping cart page for which we extract the data. I did a text search on "removeItemLink" and did get 3 entries for the link for 3 cart items.

I also did a test replacing XPath extractor with regex extractor and used this pattern to do a global/multi match against: 


granted if the HTML attribute order ever changed, it would break the regex but wouldn't break XPath.

In the replacement, I left everything else intact, and used same variable name for the cart items IDs. The regex version worked fine, getting all 3 cart items.

So there's no loop problem for sure. Seems to be an XPath extractor problem here.

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 3:16 PM, Deepak Shetty <> wrote:
what version of Jmeter?
Dont go by Firebug it looks at the DOM whereas JMeter will have to look at
the source html .

Add a Debug Sampler under your HTTP Sampler and also add a view results tree
If your debug sampler shows your multiple values correctly the problem is in
the loop

If your debug sampler only shows a single value , then you need to look at
the HTML response (in view results tree listener) that your xpath extractor
is a child of and see if you have multiple nodes satisfying your condition
or your HTML is different from what you expect.
If the HTML looks right , then upload a copy of the html and send the link


On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 1:27 PM, David Luu <> wrote:

> Hi, just wanted to check to see if I misconfigured something or XPath
> defined correctly. Here's the setup:
> We have HTTP request sampler to hit user's shopping cart that returns HTML
> in response. The HTML is dynamic based on what user already has in cart.
> I want the JMeter test to remove items in cart, and we do that by fetching
> the item ID stored in the links to then remove item by make HTTP POST in
> another sampler with the item ID. The XPath is as follows:
> //a[@class='removeItemLink']/@id
> We identify the item ID as an attribute in links with class type
> 'removeItemLink'. Unfortunately, or to play it safe, we don't know if the
> generated HTML always has same fixed pattern text of whether the class
> attribute is always before or after the ID attribute, hence I chose to use
> XPath extractor rather than a regular expression extractor to get the ID.
> ID
> value is also dynamic and may not be fixed length.
> I enabled Tidy with quiet mode. Later also enabled report errors show
> warnings, and disabled quiet mode, those options didn't help. The UI and
> the
> docs don't mention anything about settings to match once or match all, etc.
> So believe matching number determined by the XPath expression.
> used XPath extracted variable reference name ORDERITEMIDS
> and then had a ForEach controller run a HTTP request sampler to POST to API
> to remove items. But during execution, it only ran once, but it did work
> correctly for the one item that it extracted. ForEach controller configured
> as follows:
> input var prefix = ORDERITEMIDS
> output var name = returnVar
> checked add "_" before number
> and in HTTP sampler inside the foreach, reference variable as ${returnVar}
> I tested the XPath with Firebug in Firefox and it matched all the items in
> the cart unlike JMeter, and I know the basics of XPath, and that appears to
> be the correct XPath.
> So is this a bug with JMeter or am I doing something wrong? Or wrong XPath
> somehow still?
> Regards,
> David