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Subject New to JMeter
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 15:36:12 GMT
Hello to the JMeter users. Firstly does anyone hang out in #jmeter on I joined,
but I only see two others there and they are so far unresponsive.

Secondly, I've been out of the web development and testing game for quite a long time now,
but started a new job and guess what my first task is? You got it, load testing database driven
web applications.

I've read through the JMeter User's Manual and understand that "...JMeter does not execute
Javascript found in HTML pages." But I'm not quite grasping the implications of this, particularly
when testing a Javascript heavy web application like BlackBoard.

I used the HTTP Proxy to record a session in blackboard as a test. When I run the test it
appears that the recorded actions are working, I see rc="200" in the results and no rc="500",
rc="404" or similar return codes and only the occasional rc="302". Given that and the non-execution
of Javascript constraint, how likely is it that my test is actually doing what I think it
is, i.e. selecting radio buttons and going to the next page, etc.?

If there is some other manual which I should go and apply RTFM to, feel free to point me to
it and tell me to RTFM. Thanks.

Charles H. Baker, Systems Programmer II CCIT/CSO
Don't see me in my cubicle? Try AIM: rascharles GTalk: | o: 864.656.8069 | gv: 864.990.1297
Freedom of choice is more to be treasured than any possession earth can give.
David O. McKay

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